FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

SaxTuition Beginner Series

General Questions

Who is SaxTuition for?

Is SaxTuition for all saxophones?

E Flat or B Flat: What does it all mean?

What equipment will I need before starting the series?

I can't read music! Can I still learn with SaxTuition?

Is this a subscription based service?

I've purchased the series but I need a little bit of extra help with something. Can I contact SaxTuition with my question?

What currency are the SaxTuition prices quoted in?

What is the 100% Satisfaction guarantee?

Technical Questions

How will I receive the SaxTuition Beginner Series?

What file format/s does the series use?

Can I use my device (iPad, Tablet, Android etc.) to view the series?

What is the total file size, and how long will the download take?

Can I stream the series instead?

There was a problem with my download, what do I do?