Jeremy Trezona - December 17, 2020

Modern vs. Vintage Selmer Saxophones

1948 Selmer Super Balanced Action or a new Super Action 80 Series III?

What's the difference between a saxophone made in 1948, and one made in 2020?

You might have noticed a lot of famous sax players love playing on vintage Selmer Paris saxophones from the 40's and 50's.

But, what makes these saxes so great? And what improvements have been made on the latest, greatest professional saxophones?

If you're a beginner, chances are you're not seriously considering purchasing a professional saxophone (or an expensive vintage saxophone for that matter), but if you're interested in the world of saxophones, the question is still intriguing!

In this video, Jeremy compares a 1948 Selmer Super Balanced Action with a 2003 Selmer Super Action 80 Series III (still Selmer's 'newest' model in 2020).

So, to learn more about saxes in the 'top end of town', check out the video above!

In this video, you'll learn:

- Sound comparison: Which sax sounds better?
- Ergonomics: Which sax is easier to play?
- Visual appeal: Which sax looks better?
- Price comparison: How much will you have to spend?

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