Jeremy Trezona - December 17, 2020

World's Cheapest Sax: The Review!

At only $155, the Aisiweier AS-802 is the world's cheapest sax.

A few months ago I had a thought...

"What's the world's cheapest saxophone, and how would it play?"

Surely it'd be bad... But perhaps it'd also be hilariously bad?
How cheap can you possibly make a saxophone?
Will it arrive in one piece?
Will it arrive at all?

Well, in an earlier video I discovered the world's cheapest saxophone is the Aisiweier AS-802, which sells for a mere $155 on AliExpress.

So, after the kind of long wait one would expect with economy shipping in the middle of a pandemic, a shabby looking box arrived at my door...

Of course, I wasted no time unboxing it, playtesting it, and putting it through it's paces!

How did it turn out?

Well, the results really did surprise me. Turns out this thing's not half bad!

Check out the full review in the video above...

Review video guide:

0:00 Introduction
1:04 Unboxing
2:51 First impressions
5:58 Leak light
7:00 Playtest
9:40 My thoughts

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