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It's not just about having the video lessons, the SaxTuition Beginner Series contains a PDF eBook and over 200 playalong tracks to accompany every video!

You can experience this for yourself by downloading a sample of the book and playalong tracks that accompany Lesson 1 below!

Simply pick your saxophone - Alto or Tenor, to make sure you get the right tracks for you!

Download: Alto Saxophone (Eb)Download: Tenor Saxophone (Bb)

Tip:  Do you play the soprano (straight) saxophone? Select the Tenor (Bb) package for download.

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What if I'm too old?

In our experience, one of the biggest concerns adults have about starting the saxophone is wondering if they're too old!

Interestingly, this comes as often from those in their 20's and 30's as it does from those over 70.

You are never too old to start an instrument, and the saxophone is no exception. Our students are almost entirely adults, from all across the globe.

Most are just starting their saxophone journey, some are returning after a 50 year break!

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of learning an instrument as an adult, check out Never Too Late To Learn an Instrument from NPR, and The Joy of Learning to Play An Instrument Later in Life from the Wall Street Journal.

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SaxTuition Beginner Series: Alto Saxophone
SaxTuition Beginner Series: Alto Saxophone

SaxTuition Beginner Series: Alto Saxophone

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Do you play tenor or soprano sax?

Most online saxophone courses divide the process of learning the saxophone into short, single topic videos - e.g. if you want to learn how to tongue, you watch the 'tonguing' video!

Why doesn't this work? Put simply, that's not how a real lesson is taught! Effective lessons allow you to work on multiple skills at once, and give you carefully chosen songs and exercises to try out your new skills.

The SaxTuition Beginner Series uses real, in-person lessons as inspiration for how each lesson is taught, allowing for faster progress on the saxophone and a much more natural learning experience.

If you enjoyed the first lesson, you'll know what we're talking about!