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1. Watch the first lesson

Check out the first lesson for free on YouTube! Learn how to set up your saxophone, form an embouchure, and play your first few notes.

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2. Download a sample

Download a free sample of the book and demo tracks, and get all the materials you'll need to accompany the first lesson on YouTube.

Eb Version (Alto / Baritone)Bb Version (Tenor / Soprano)

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Why SaxTuition?

Complete package

The SaxTuition Beginner Series has everything you need to get started on the saxophone. WIth 12 jam packed video lessons, a 68 page book filled with fun pieces and exercises, and over 200 playalong tracks to practice, you'll develop your skills quicker than ever!

Natural learning

Just like in a real 1-1 lesson, SaxTuition is designed to gradually develop your skills in a number of different areas, making the learning process more varied and enjoyable. Learn with an expert instructor and get the very best in saxophone tuition.

We care

SaxTuition is a small business, and we care about each and every student who learns with us. Having trouble with something in the series? Send us an email and we'd be happy to help!

How far will I go?

Learn every note

The SaxTuition Beginner Series covers every note of the regular range on the saxophone, so you'll learn all the fingerings needed to play your favourite tunes!

Play challenging pieces

From Eine Kleine Nachtmusik to Sweet Georgia Brown, you'll learn a wide variety of songs that you can perform for concerts, friends or family.

Develop your musicianship

SaxTuition doesn't just teach the saxophone, we teach you how to be a well rounded musician. That includes reading music, understanding pitch, tuning, rhythm and much more.

More questions?

Is the SaxTuition Beginner Series for all saxophones?
What equipment will I need before starting the series?
I can't read music! Can I still learn with SaxTuition?
Is this a subscription based service?
What is the 100% satisfaction guarantee?

We love hearing from you! Send an email to with your questions, comments, concerns, feedback or otherwise and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatvely, contact us anytime through the form on our website!