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Welcome to SaxTuition!

You're only one step away from watching Lesson 1 of the SaxTuition Beginner Series and downloading the FREE PDF eBook and playalong tracks that accompany that lesson.

It's got everything you need to get started on the saxophone, including how to get set-up, getting a great sound, learning your first songs and so much more.

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Heres what you'll learn in Lesson 1:

Saxophone essentials:
✔ Setting up your saxophone
✔ Forming an embouchure
✔ Correct posture
✔ New notes: B, A, G
✔ Tonguing basics
✔ Cleaning your saxophone
✔ Packing away


Basics of Music Theory, including:
✔ Introduction to reading music
✔ Rhythmic terminology
✔ Reading pitches
✔ The treble clef
✔ Time signatures

Hi there! I'm Jeremy, the founder of SaxTuition. If you have any questions, simply email me anytime - I love hearing from new students. I hope you enjoyed the first lesson and the free sax tips I have in store for you!